Krups Braun Cuisinart Spare Replacement Parts

Krups coffee maker parts, either as replacement or just spare ones are not too difficult to find.

Krups Replacement Parts

Some of the Krups carafes are glass and while some are thermal carafes. Either way, dropping them can damage them, making them dangerous or hard to use.


Other types of damage can occur as well. If you’ve ever set a hot container next to or on a piece of plastic wrap, you’ll understand what that does to the wrap but particularly what it can do to the hot container.

Maybe the Krups carafe isn’t damaged but you would just like to have an extra one on hand if one is in the dishwasher. Waiting through an entire cycle on the dishwasher can be shattering on the nerves if you gotten yourself ready for a nice cup of coffee.

Another from the list of Krups coffee maker parts is the Krups coffee carafe lid. These sometimes can get damaged by falling to close to the heater coils in the dishwasher – a melted lid makes it a little hard to get on the carafe. Maybe you are teaching your child to load the dishwasher and they did – they just also managed to break the hinges that hold the coffee maker lid in place.

There could be a myriad of reasons to replace the carafe or the lid but Krups has already managed to solve your problem quickly. Just place an order or run to the service center to get your Krups coffee maker back online.

Other Krups Replacement Parts

Other Krups coffee machines, cappuccino machines and espresso machines have individual parts that may either need to be replaced or you might just like to have a second one on hand.


There are filters that are necessary to certain models or you may need some specific filters to help restore a good taste to the water that you put into your Krups coffee machine to begin with.

If you have lime in your water, there are the Krups Duo Filters which can remove the lime from the water you use to make your coffee.

Have calcium deposits built up in your Krups coffee maker? Use the Krups Better Brew Coffee Cleaners to clean the calcium deposits in your machine and then congratulate yourself with a better cup of coffee once you are finished with the decalcification process.

Other replacement parts are available for these machines as well. There are water tanks, frothing tips, filter baskets, and many other replacement parts that you might need which Krups lists for its customers.

Where To Find Krups Coffee Maker Parts

Krups has been in the coffee business long enough to know that accidents happen. They have provided for your emergency coffee need long before you ever knew you were going to have the emergency.
You can find parts for your Krups coffee maker either from online Krups shop on Krups company website or from the service centers located near you. Krups provides the list of service centers on its official website.

So weather it is Krups coffee pot parts or Krups espresso parts you are looking for you can find the information on Krups official website.

Don’t “throw the baby out with the bathwater” as some have said. Replace and get the required Krups coffee maker parts on a machine that has already been doing a great job of giving you superb coffee instead of replacing your coffee maker.It’s good for your wallet and good for the environment.

Braun Coffee Maker Parts

You may have myrid of reasons why you are looking for Braun coffee maker parts. Weather it’s a broken carafe or its lid or a braun coffee filter, finding parts for your braun coffee maker is not difficult.


You can find a whole list of braun coffee maker parts and order them online on their website.

Braun coffee makers have given coffee making a whole new meaning. Brewing for perfect flavor, the Impressions collection, the Aroma Deluxe Collection, and the Aromaster Collection at Braun looks good but most of all makes your coffee taste great. The Braun coffee maker parts works to keep the coffee coming when you need it the most.

The Braun Coffee Filter

One of the most innovative ideas from the Braun coffee makers is the use of the Gold Tone Braun coffee filter basket. This long-lasting and dishwasher safe filter replaces paper filters used by most coffee makers and thus eliminates paper waste.
The filter fits several of the Braun coffee makers – one of the Aromaster line and all of the Impressions line of coffee makers. Try it and see the price difference as well as the taste difference in your coffee.

Other coffee maker filters are available for replacement as well. The Aromaster swing out door and filter component will lengthen the life line of these well-made machines.

Special Water Filter System for Braun Coffee Makers

Many Braun coffee makers are designed to filter the water for you before it goes into the brewing process. The Brita filters fit inside the coffee machine and filter out the chlorine and prevents calcification build up in the coffee maker.

braun water filter

The Brita filter will need to be changed about every two months or for those who brew less coffee, about every 70 brewing cycles. The secret to great tasting coffee is the coffee bean and the water. Braun makes the water going into your brew clean and clear for the best tasting coffee.

The Brita filters are used in the Braun Impressions Coffee Maker, Braun Flavor Select Coffee Makers, and Braun Aroma Deluxe Coffee Makers.

The Braun Coffee Maker Carafe

There are several types of carafes available from Braun. The first are the Braun stainless steel thermal carafes. These keep the coffee hot for about 4 hours without burning it.
The lids for these are locked so that the heat stays in. When you are ready for a fresh cup of coffee, simply push the button and the pour spout is unlocked, releasing your coffee into the cup.

When you’ve finished and have released the button, the seal is in place again ready to keep the coffee hot until you are ready for the next cup.

All of the Braun glass carafes and their lids are dishwasher safe making for easy clean up. They are clearly marked for 10 or 12 cups of coffee so that you can see when it is getting to be time to make a fresh pot.

You might consider getting two so that if your carafe is dirty and going through the dishwasher cycle, your coffee craving won’t have to wait until the cycle is finished – you will already have a clean one on hand.

For service on any of the coffee makers or to purchase braun coffee maker parts, you may go online and find service centers in your area. Some of these service centers may also stock parts to the Braun line of coffee makers or these can be ordered online, as well.

The Cuisinart Coffee Maker Parts – Finding The Replacement Parts


Finding Cuisinart coffee maker parts is not very difficult. Because no machine is perfect and because accidents happen, Cuisinart has developed its parts and accessories department to meet the needs of purchasers for the Cuisinart family of products.

Each part is categorized so that you can find it easily according to what type of product you have purchased from Cuisinart. Whether you are looking for standard replacement parts or hard to find replacement parts, you’ll be glad you’ve purchased from Cuisinart because they keep their parts in stock.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Water Filters

The Cuisinart Coffee Maker Water Filters are built to enhance your lifestyle by purifying the water that goes into your coffee. The charcoal water filters are available by the package. The small package contains two water filters but you can order a four year supply with their special pricing on larger packages.

The specially made Cuisinart charcoal Filters are designed to go into the Cuisinart Water Filter Holder, also available as a replacement part.

Some purchasers already have water filtration systems for their drinking water and may not need this part of the Cuisinart Coffee Makers. If so, it is fairly simple to bypass the water filtration.

However, if you don’t already have that available, these filters will supply great tasting water to make a full, rich cup of joe.

The Cuisinart Gold Tone Filter Basket

The Cuisinart Gold Tone Filter Basket is intended to be permanent for your coffee maker but as accidents do happen, Cuisinart has included replacement filters in their list of parts and accessories.

Designed to let the natural oils from the coffee bean flow through the filter and into the coffee, this Cuisinart Coffee Filter supplies the greatest amount of flavor possible each and every time you brew coffee.

For those who prefer the use of paper filters, there are paper filters that are designed to fit inside these filters so that you will have that option.

There are actually two different Cuisinart Gold Coffee filters. One is cone shaped while the other is shaped like a basket. They both give the coffee its full flavor by allowing the natural oils to steep in the brewer but they fit on different machines.

When ordering a new part, you will need to check on your coffee maker for the exact model number so you will be sure to get the correct filter.

Other Cuisinart Coffee Maker Parts

While these two types of filters are a main source of great coffee in your Cuisinart Coffee Maker, you might also need some other replacements.

replacement carafe

Did you coffee scoop get put in the trash by mistake or too close to the heating element in your dishwasher? Has the glass carafe been dropped and broken? Has the carafe lid been misplaced? Has the burr grinder assembly seen better days?

All of these kinds of things can happen in a household. The official website has a full line of Cuisinart replacement parts available to you, whatever the part you are looking to replace wheather it is the cusinart replacement carafe or the carafe lid.

You can go online to purchase these parts or you can look up a parts supplier in your area. Whatever you need, be sure to contact Cuisinart.

Whatever is covered in your limited three year warranty is available as well as those cuisinart coffee maker parts that are not covered. Don’t let the missing carafe lid stand in the way of your morning coffee.