Coffee Maker Parts And Accessories – Easy Availability Is The Key

replacement partsA coffee maker is only as good as its coffee maker parts. So these parts must be durable, easy to clean, and usually available when you want to order for them.

Here is a walk through of different coffee maker parts and accessories to help you maintain your coffee maker.

Coffee Maker Carafes

The carafe is the jug which holds the brewed coffee in it. You just have to detach the carafe from the coffee maker and pour the coffee into your cup once the carafe if filled.

The carafes can be made out of either glass or stainless steel. Even though glass carafe can look good and are cheaper in comparison to a stainless steel ones, the stainless steel carafe has its own advantages. Durability is one of them.

You can even get a stainless steel thermal carafe. This function like a thermos and can keep the coffee hot and fresh much longer.

And if you are looking for a solution to brew more than 10 – 12 cups of coffee at a time, you can consider getting a dual carafe coffee maker.These are capable of brewing 20 cups at the same time. These can be a good option for offices or small restaurants where you are looking to cater to the need of more than few people at a time.

carafe lidCarafe Lids

Carafe lids usually come with the carafe but can also be ordered when replacements are needed. These lids are usually made of plastic and come in various colors.

Carafe lids are an important part as they prevent the heat and the flavor of the coffee from flowing outside the carafe after brewing. You will need to specify the model of your coffee maker to be able to order the right carafe lid.


coffee filterCoffee filters are very important in making a good cup if coffee.Since this is the part that actually separates the grounds from the coffee itself.There is a wide variety of coffee filters that are available these days.

The most commonly used are the paper filters. These are quite inexpensive and disposable. But one disadvantage of paper filters is, they absorb the natural oils from the beans while filtering the coffee.

So a stainless steel or a gold tone filter are not just good value for money but can even be helpful in producing a better tasting coffee than a paper filter.

Filter Baskets

Filter baskets work like normal coffee filters but they can allow you to brew more coffee. More coffee grounds can be placed on these filter baskets and that’s why these are normally used in restaurants.
There are two types of filter baskets, the flat filter baskets and the cone filter baskets. Some people believe that cone filter baskets can produce higher quality coffee. The oils from the coffee grounds are said to be extracted more evenly resulting in a better taste.

Also, flat filter baskets sometimes have another problem associated with them, that of drainage. It prevents the proper extraction of flavors and oils from the coffee.

Flavor Control

Some coffee makers come with a flavor control valve.This valve controls the pressure and the amount of the water that comes into contact with the ground coffee. This lets you make the coffee suited just for your taste.

When ordering a replacement flavor control valves, be sure to note the model of your coffee maker to make sure you get the right valve.

Coffee Maker Cleaner Pack

Like most kitchen appliances, coffee makers also need proper and regular cleaning. There are various homemade ways in which you can clean your coffee maker.

drip coffee maker parts

An easy way for cleaning is using the coffee maker cleaner packs. These contain powdered substances that you mix with water and place inside the coffee maker’s water reservoir. When the brewing process starts, the cleaning substances goes through the coffee maker’s system. This removes any limescale, dirt and coffee buildups inside it.

These commercial descalers have an advantage over other home made methods, as they are odorless. So the coffee maker is odor free after the cleaning cycle is finished.

Regular cleaning of your coffee maker is necessary not just as it greatly improves the taste of the coffee but also for the long life of the appliance.

Choosing the right coffee maker can mean the difference between a mediocre cup of coffee and an amazing one. A good coffee maker is very important but it is equally important to find a brand which is good in stocking its coffee maker parts and accessories as well. As accidents can happen and no machine is perfect.

Where to buy Coffee Maker Parts and Accessories?

Some of the manufacturer like Krups for example are good at stocking their own parts, while others have dealers through whom they make the parts available online as well as in local stores near you.
Dealers like specialise in stocking parts for most coffee maker brands – Braun, Delonghi, Krups, Melitta,Cuisinart, Mr coffee to name a few of these brands whose parts are available on their website.

Finding different types of coffee filters, carafes, carafe lids, water filters, a filter basket for your particlar model is easy as you will find the website very well organised to check whats available for your particular model.