A E Taylor et al, 2016. Investigating the possible causal role of coffee consumption with prostate cancer risk and progression using Mendelian randomization analysis, International Journal of Cancer, published online.


Coffee consumption has been shown in some research to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Nevertheless, it is unclear if this association is causal or due to confounding or reverse causality. We carried out a Mendelian randomisation examination to investigate the causal results of coffee consumption on prostate cancer danger and progression. We utilised two genetic variants robustly linked with caffeine intake (rs4410790 and rs2472297) as proxies for coffee consumption in a sample of 46,687 men of European ancestry from 25 scientific studies in the Useful consortium. Associations amongst genetic variants and prostate cancer case status, stage and grade have been assessed by logistic regression and with all-trigger and prostate cancer-distinct mortality using Cox proportional hazards regression. There was no clear evidence that a genetic chance score combining rs4410790 and rs2472297 was associated with prostate cancer chance (OR per extra coffee escalating allele: one.01, 95% CI: .98,one.03) or obtaining higher-grade compared to minimal-grade ailment (OR: 1.01, 95% CI: .97,1.04). There was evidence that the genetic danger score was related with increased odds of possessing non-localised compared to localised stage condition (OR: 1.03, 95% CI: one.01, 1.06). Amongst guys with prostate cancer, there was no clear association among the genetic chance score and all-trigger mortality (HR: 1.00, 95% CI: .97,one.04) or prostate cancer-specific mortality (HR: one.03, 95% CI: .98,one.08). These outcomes, which must have significantly less bias from confounding than observational estimates, are not constant with a considerable effect of coffee consumption on minimizing prostate cancer incidence or progression.

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