Why Buy a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine?

One of the features which all buyers should look for in a coffee machine is one which has an integrated bean grinder, either called an automatic coffee maker or a bean to cup coffee machine. Although at first this may be something which you discount due to the extra cost, there are four really good reasons to think twice:

  1. Getting the best quality coffee – a bean to cup coffee machine will automatically work out how much ground coffee it needs to make the best quality brew. This means that you will never get a coffee which is too weak because you have not used enough beans in the brew.
  2. Saving money in the long run – as well as giving you better tasting coffee, the fact that the bean to cup coffee machine works out how much to grind means that you will not grind too much coffee. Although you can always save any extra coffee that you have ground, this will then make less fresh coffee later in the day, and you may just end up throwing out excess in favour of grinding fresh beans. This can be quite costly when you add up the amount you waste.
  3. No need for two machines – as well as reducing waste, having a bean to cup coffee machine will also mean that you don’t need a separate grinder. This in itself will save you money, and will also mean that less of your kitchen work-surface is cluttered with machines.
  4. Quick and easy to use – the final, but probably best reason for investing in a bean to cup coffee machine is that they are just so much quicker and easier to use. You literally have to press one button to get a great-tasting cup of coffee. This is much better than having to get the right amount of beans, grind the beans, then add the beans to the coffee machine and then press the button.

So all-in-all, although they cost a little extra initially, investing in a coffee machine with an integrated coffee grinder may be beneficial in the long-run and is definitely something which you should consider when looking at purchasing a coffee machine.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines, make as many cups of coffee straight from your roasted beans as you wish. They used to be the preserve of commercial customers. Now many are bought for domestic use as well.

What do you need to look for?


Commercial models are usually divided into one of three types:

  • Light volume – serving around 40 -100 cups a day
  • Medium volume – serving 100 – 250 cups a day
  • High volume – 250+ cups per day
  • Domestic models will be for light volumes – but 100+ cups a day is not recommended for even
  • the largest household!

Milk Frother

The more expensive models will have a built in milk frother, sometimes with refrigerated milk storage as well. Given the high number of cappuccinos and other frothy drinks served, this will almost certainly be needed for the commercial sector.

Domestic customers may not want to pay extra for this feature, particularly if they rarely drink frothy drinks. A separate froth maker can be bought.


It is safer to buy from a manufacturer who has been designing and selling coffee machines for a long time – de’Longhi, Krups and Gaggia are three of the most well known brands. Our best buy is a de’Longhi – the review of the Magnfica EAM 3200 is here

Bean Hoppers

Commercial machines and the more expensive domestic ones, will have more than one container to put your beans in. This allows for different choices of beans.


This is largely a personal matter. Some have large digital displays – even showing the number of cups served for commercial models. A wide choice of colours and styles are available – check them out here.

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